Worlds apart

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Through drugs I’ve learned that I always need someone

It’s annoying how drugs are to me I’m not the same they all interact weird with me it’s like I question it too much idk what it exactly is to be honest people take acid and Molly like it’s no deal I think too much acid would not be good


Custom painted nectar snapback ;) feeling creative again


my half-sleeve. <3 - from two-sided-mirror

Bassnectar tattoooooooo!! bassnectarofficial


Bassnectar redrocks

I do what I like 
Some of bassnectars new shit at redrocks

Oh yes!

Drugs are bad

I officially hate drugs and people getting drugs from a friend for free when he took the same was the worst it was def meth my eyes were dilated for 14 hours slept for maybe 3 and didn’t wanna eat , I’ve rolled before it was not like this , my come up lasted for 30 min when it usually takes 5 and apparently it was methaloyn I was throwing up everywhere shaking couldn’t breathe , lost my mind , my mind wasn’t me at all , no MDMA at all , no one helped except ash who stayed in the bathroom , if I knew it was methaloyn wouldn’t have touch it of course 10 min into nectar I feel like I’m gonna throw up , I try to not tell joe but he comes cause I wanna go home , he has a bad trip he is crying he never had a bad trip his look scared me , I felt better and got down my talking was fast but movements were slow I couldn’t think but negative thoughts it wasn’t me the car I couldn’t breathe , I felt better in the shower , the ground was slow ,after smoking I couldn’t stand in one place my eyes were huge I couldn’t believe


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